Thursday, September 13, 2012

Massage Online Professor Complaints

Okay well if it wasn't so pathetic and disturbing this could all be rather humorous. A few days ago I received 8 emails within a half an hour period of time, 7 of them notifications about comments posted on my last blog post on the awful experience that my friend and I have had with Massage Online Professor and Karen Zaharatos. The other email was from Karen Zaharatos threatening me with a lawsuit along with a very long and in my opinion completely ridiculous incoherent ranting (to sum it up in a nutshell... you have been warned, blah, blah, blah,  whistleblowers, blah, blah, blah, nonsense, lies, and baseless accusations) 

That was the first email I read and it had me giggling because it was all so completely ridiculous. Then I started to read all of the comments that she left on my blog post and each one of the 7 made me laugh a little bit more. The first one started out with basically the same babbling that was in Karen Zaharatos "warning" (AKA threatening) email to me. In the end it accused me of slander and get this.... extortion. HA HA! Oh that is priceless!!

The second one came, apparently, right after Karen Zaharatos found out that on my blog I moderate all comments and so of course her first comment wasn't showing up. Here is where it gets even more funny, in that second comment she chose to threaten me AGAIN. She told me that I had better publish her comments or she would.. get this... sue me for unfair business practices.  HA HA HA HA! 

The following comments were bizarre ramblings, and of course more baseless accusations. All this along with copying and pasting my personal info along with other peoples information who they had decided were my friends and yet who I don't even know lol. Priceless huh?

Then I was told that Karen Zaharatos / Massage Online Professor also posted my name, address, phone number, and other personal information on their Facebook Fan Page. As they did that they also declared that I had hacked them and basically called me a cyber terrorist. Y'all, sometimes all a person can do when faced with so little common sense is shake your head and laugh, and believe me that is what I have been doing. 

Anyway today I once again was notified that there was a comment on this blog and guess who it was....  Ha ha, yup Karen Zaharatos at it again with more threats and insanity. Telling me that I was being criminally investigated for slander as well as for threatening Massage Online Professor and it's owner Karen Zaharatos. Once again that had me laughing, so please let me explain why this is so hilarious. 

At the end of her first email to me Karen Zaharatos told me to tell the truth, and though I HAVE told the truth in all of this, I want to take the time to speak even more truth.

First off, this is MY blog, it is MY site, MY words, and speaks about MY experiences in life. Being that it is MINE, I get to choose which comments I do and do not post. Yes people have freedom of speech, and yes they can comment on my blog, but in the end because this is MY blog, I am the boss of who else gets to speak on it and I REFUSE to allow bullies a platform in which to spew even more putrid crap. I have seen Karen Zaharatos and Massage Online Professor use intimidation and threats to silence other people and I will not give them the ability to do it here. 

Karen Zaharatos and Massage Online Professor have accused me of being a hacker, scammer, spy, extortionist and blackmailer to name just a few things. Now, I would like to say, if people are going to hurl such strong accusations it would be great if they actually knew what the accusations meant. Extortion and blackmail mean that you are commiting "a criminal offense of unlawfully obtaining money, property, or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion. Please would someone tell me how that could possibly apply to me since I have asked, nor demanded anything from Massage Online Professor, shoot I haven't ever even talked or written to Karen Zaharatos and Massage Online Professor much less try to get something from them. Scamming refers to a fraudulent business practice or the use of deceit to profit from someone. Being that I am not a business that doesn't fit, and once again I am not profiting in anyway from any of this so umm  nope that doesn't work either. The funny thing is those could actually apply to Massage Online Professor and its actions that I have observed from in the past few weeks. As for spy... for crying out loud what kind of secret or confidential information could I possibly get from simply reading Massage Online Professors PUBLIC Facebook page. Guh, the dumb, it burns!!! Lastly lets talk about the other accusation that Karen Zaharatos and Massage Online Professor like to throw at pretty much everyone, that is of me being a hacker. I am guessing you don't mean someone who "who makes innovative customizations or combinations of retail electronic and computer equipment" but rather "someone who accesses a computer system by circumventing its security system." Either way though neither of them apply to this either, liking a PUBLIC facebook page is not hacking. So yes every single accusation is a complete lie and makes me think that MOP has no clue at all what any of them mean. 

Moving on, threatening me with a lawsuit for unfair business practices is just really ignorant because even the most unobservant reader would know right away that this is NOT a business. Seriously as I covered before this is MY personal bog on My personal site. Like I said before the one with the unfair business practices seems to be Massage Online Professor, as they have story after story on their own web page and fan page about how they have mistreated and messed with their customers. 

Also suing me for slander is another ridiculous threat for at least two reasons, firstly because it refers to things being SPOKEN not written or published, but mainly because I have not lied AT ALL. Everything has been the truth and my opinion. 

So here is the deal, threats and cyber bullying behavior won't work on me. I have done NOTHING wrong. All I have done is like a Facebook page and post the truth about my experience with this seemingly dishonest company on my own site, in the hopes that it will save more people from getting hurt by MOP.

Now I apologize to my regular readers for posting about this yet again as it has nothing to do with what I usually talk about on here. I don't really want to derail my normal topics for this company and so I have been tossing the idea around of starting up a Massage Online Professor Complaints blog or Facebook page where other victims of Massage Online Professor can share their stories and so that people can make a more informed decision about which school they want to go with. Speaking the truth is never wrong and more people need to hear it.


  1. Good for you! People do need to hear about it! I had been feeling like crap about this whole situation until I read your blog. I wondered if I brought it on myself, if I was doing the right things in response.

    Just an update: the NTCTB is filing charges with the Coral Springs police department against her and had asked if people can send the emails and other harassment received from her to be forward on to them.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Please know that you did NOTHING wrong, sadly way too many people were left feeling like you did and feeling quite alone especially because of the intense bullying Massage Online Professor and Karen Zaharatos use to get people to be quiet about what has been done to them. Being accused of crimes the way I have been and that I have seen them do to a whole lot of other people will make that person want to shut up and hide away rather than speak out about it. That was honestly my first thought being that I am not a very confrontational person but then the more I saw them bully others the more it just didn't sit right with me.

    You are correct they are filing charges and I have an email that I was given permission to pass on to other victims who have contacted me so that they can decide for themselves whether to get involved in the criminal case. I also encourage other people who have been victims of their awful tactics to speak out and spread the word so that others don't get caught in this mess.

    1. Please post that email address and a way to contact you.

  3. You can contact me at reachrosebud(at)gmail(dot)com :-)