Saturday, November 5, 2011

The End of the Beginning

So last night that friend texted me about 8 hours after I sent her the text telling me that she was sorry I was upset but she isn't willing to talk to me and she ignored and deleted my text to her. That when she is ready to talk she will write me an email and that I should be ready to listen. That she knows that my love for her is limited and that is ok, but she still loves me. That she has forgiven me and is praying for me and my trust issues.

That honestly broke me, I had so much anger running through me from what she said and how she painted and treated me like I was some kind of demon spawn when I treated her with nothing but respect even when voicing my hurt. My hands were shaking to much to respond right away so I took a few moments to calm down and when I did I realized I was done. So I just wrote to her and told her to just do whatever she had to do for herself and I wouldn't bother her anymore, and that was the end of that convo. It took all of 5 minutes for me to decided I truly was done, I love myself to much to hold onto an abusive relationship like that and so I removed anyway she might have of communicating with me except for facebook, since she had already blocked me on there I couldn't set that one. I realized though that I needed to let her know that I did and do care about her, that it wasn't because I hated her that I chose to do this and so I wrote her a note letting her know that she truly was a blessing in my life while she was in it. I didn't want to end on a note of hate, or anger, that isn't me it isn't who I am and so I just let her know some of the things that made her special and then I attached an art piece that I had made for her right before she flipped out on me since it was meant for her and told her I wouldn't bother her again.

well less than an hour later I see a message on my facebook acount from her saying yahoo isn't letting me send you an email, (no that was my decision) and so I will write you here. I guess not I warrented being unblocked since it benefited her. She told me that she was upset because she saw a status on my facebook weeks ago where I said I was so excited that my bestest friend, was getting married and looking forward to helping her plan long distance like. Now like I said before this friend and I hadn't been in contact for like 12 years previous to reconnecting and I had lived in Canada and of course I made friends there, including one who I have had since grade 9. "L" has been there for me and though we didn't talk during the time I was struggling big time with depression just because I wouldn't let myself reach out to her, when I got better and reached out she was there for me and is now planning her wedding and wants me involved which is a huge honor. That night she had texted me to let me know that he had just proposed, I was the first one she told and you better believe I was excited. Her and I have dreamed of this for years and I was ecstatic. Let me just tell you this here, I have more than enough love in my heart to have several friends and I think it is healthy to have more than one friendship because one person can't meet all your needs. Plus my heart is almost as big as my fat behind. 

That was apparently what made the other friend freak out, she told me that she may have other friends but that I am her "bestest" friend and I hurt her by calling "L" my best friend. She told me that I had also hurt her because on that day that she fipped out when I responded with concern regarding her ex she was expecting me to ask her how it went (however she had just texted me telling me how it had went) then went onto say her blocking me was just because she was hurt and that she hopes I was as miserable as she was these weeks not talking. She wrapped it up saying things will be different from now on cause she will have accountability and told me she loved me and called me a dear friend.

I kind of just felt physically ill reading it, that she could treat me like such scum because she was jealous and that was ok? I sat there for a few minutes and thought, what will she do next time I unwittingly make her jealous or don't react the way she thinks I should? It filled me with fer and I got anxious thinking about always having to worry about when the next freakout would be. Then I realized I may love her, and her friendship, but I do love me more. That was a very shocking revelation, as someone who has spent most of her life hating herself, I felt the urgent need to protect myself. So I went to her facebook account and I was the one blocking this time. I was blocking someone I care dearly about because I realized for the first time I care about me to much to put myself into that again. I was setting myself free from a friendship that would honestly become chains of fear to upset her again, and to always have to question if she is being truthful, and really I was releasing her as well. Now I don't know what the future holds, but as of right now I feel peace because I am taking care of me so I can reach out to those who actually want my friendship no strings attached, and who treat me with love and respect.

This is a true step for me, I have never loved myself enough to take a step that while hard is protecting me in the long run. I really think a big part of that is fat acceptance and learning to love me  and not thinking I deserved the hurt and drama just because I was fat. Fat acceptance has taught me to take care of myself, that I don't have to take abuse of any kind as my penance for not fitting into a size 2 and that my mental health is a part of overall health and taking the steps needed to keep myself healthy. I am also learning that I don't have to put up with awful treatment because no one else will want to be my friend, in fact I am finding that quite a few people think I am amazing and actually want to be around me. So it might have been the end of a friendship, but it is part of the beginning of me really evaluating and choosing my friendships wisely, and truly taking care of myself so that I do have the energy for those people who have shown they are real friends. It is ok to remove people from your life, it is sometimes the most loving thing you can do for you but also for the other person.

So that closes that chapter in my life, I know I have talked about this a lot on my blog but it gave me a good outlet to talk things through.

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  1. Congratulations! It is hard blasted work to figure out when it is time to let go of someone you love. I am proud of you. I hope you are proud of yourself because that was some heavy duty work you just did.