Friday, October 14, 2011

Thrown Away

The following is a story I wrote long ago but still hold dear to this day. 

He stood back, a silent observer, watching people pick out their packages a knowing smile washing over his face. His eyes kept wandering over to one particular package and His smile would brighten. Shuffling with excitement and glancing around hoping to see who would chose that one. Years past by and day after day The Man would watch the goings on always keeping an eye on that untouched package. From time to time his eyes would brighten then sadden as he watched the package being picked up, or bumped around, once or twice it was even picked up and taken away only to be returned later after someone had dropped it.

Finally one day it happened, someone picked it up, The Man beamed as he watched it being carried away, but then his face fell and he stepped forward quickly.

"Are you just going to throw that away" He asked worry very evident in his voice.

The worker he had spoken to turned with a start, unaware that anyone else was around, he shot a glance at the dumpster where the package had just been thrown. "What else can we do with it? It is worthless, unsellable"

"Sir why would you say that, why just throw it away, do you even know what it is?"

"Well no but look, no one wants it, look at it it is scratched and dented, and way to big a model for anyone to want these days, look at this package.... it is trash"

"I made that, I crafted it carefully, and I put it in that package to keep it safe. Yes it is damaged, and yes it is bigger then alot of the other packages in here, but it is most certainly not trash, why won't someone give it a chance?" The Man moved towards the dumpster looking in, a look of compassion on his face. "Won't you give it a chance?"

"Look there is no point, no one will want that piece of junk, look around buddy, there are so many more beautiful packages. Honestly who cares what is inside that stupid thing, it is the package that sells, that is what people get to show off to others, THAT is what matters... look you can have that junk if it is so important to you, but I am just saying how it is" Turning on his heel the worker started to walk away glancing back to see The Man tenderly lifting the package from the trash.

Slightly curious at what could be in that horrid package he watched from the corner of his eye as The Man gingerly set it on the floor and then started to open the package gently.

A gasp tore through the workers throat as he saw what was contained in that package, Radiant beams danced from the contents inside, his eyes blurred, and crossed as he tried to take in the amazing treasure that had been inside that box. "What have I done? What did I throw away? I just lost the most precious thing, How was I to know?

The worker sat there watching as The Man cradled the treasure in His Arms and heard Him speak gently to it. "Don't worry my child, there will be someone who can see you through my eyes, they will be the one who deserves a such a treasure, they will be the one I have created for you.

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